What Makes Jewelry Valuable

The question of what makes jewelry valuable is one that requires answers that may vary across individuals. But generally, it’s a known fact that the most expensive jewelry will have its price influenced by the cut, clarity, color and weight of the mineral used to make it.

You see, when you walk into a jewelry shop, the first thing you notice is the high price tag attached to the jewelry pieces on display. You have to wonder why the price is set so high than the average consumer can afford. However, there are several factors affecting the price of expensive jewelry.

What Makes Jewelry Valuable in 5 points


One of the things that make diamond so precious is rarity. Rare things tend to come at a high price tag, and thus a genuine diamond ring will fetch a very high price depending with the market condition. Rarity is one of the most fundamental characteristics of expensive mineral or gemstone. For this reason, any jewelry that is made of an expensive mineral will retain that value.


Some jewelry will fetch a high market price simply because they are made of pure gold or silver. Pure gold will never tarnish or lose its luster, and that’s one characteristic that appeals to buyers.

Some jewelry designers will add other metals in gold for purposes of achieving design effect. If they add copper, they create rose gold. Silver and nickel will create white gold. However, since jewelry pieces made of this combination tarnish with time, they will not be priced as high as those made of pure gold or diamond.

Appearance, strength and durability

Appearance is a universal term here, meaning everyone is familiar with jewelry that is attractive to the eye. Yet again, the value of a particular jewelry will vary depending on what a specific market wants.

Most gold sold in the U.S is not pure. They do this to lower karat weight or add design effect. But if you go to countries like Asia and India, you will find gold selling in 22 karat. These markets prefer this type of gold because of its design effect, strength and durability, thanks to the added metals.

The history of the stone that makes the jewelry

The Chinese culture and other stone-age cultures dating back to 3000 years ago put a high price tag on any rock that could be delicately shaped and exquisitely polished. Today, we can say that value in jewelry is something that has been added by different cultures. US and UK cultures still continue to put a high price tag on jewelry made of diamond, gold and other precious metals.

Political factors

Let’s take the example of a diamond ring. It has to go through many hands before reaching you. If you look at where diamond comes from around the world, you realize that people in authority somehow have a way of sharing a piece of the pie. There is the role of the usual corrupt government officials, frequent political unrest and so on. Then there are taxes as well. All these factors have a way of inflating the price of any mineral that makes a jewelry piece. The cost is passed to the consumer who buys the mineral in jewelry form. Therefore, it’s a combination of many factors that shoot the cost of jewelry to the roof.

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