Most Famous Pieces of Jewelry

Jewelry has so much value attached to it as an item of beauty. And throughout the world today, there are countless pieces of beautiful and expensive jewelry to suit our every need. However, only a few amongst the said jewelry are considered the world’s most famous. This is perhaps due to their rarity, size, beauty, status and a bunch of other factors. So let’s delve a little deeper in order to reveal the top 5 most famous pieces of jewelry of all time.

• Heart of the ocean

Heart of the ocean became one of the most recognizable necklace of all time on account of the Titanic movie which featured it as a prime plot point. The original necklace, which featured cubic zirconias set in pure white gold, was designed exclusively for the film.

Later on, the movie inspired other two renowned productions. One was the 171 karat sapphire set in platinum and valued at $4 million. It was covered with 103 diamonds. The other one was a blue diamond necklace weighing in at 15 karats and valued at $20 million. Celine Dion and Gloria Stuart are few of the lucky people who wore these pieces.

Also, jewelry collectors from every corner of the world have openly declared their love and passion for these particular most famous pieces of jewelry.

• Collections of the Maharajah

India’s Maharaja easily qualify as well-respected, legendary jewelry collectors. Between 1570 and 1857, the maharaja’s, due to their massive appetite for gold, were able to amass huge collections. During the time, India had huge deposits of gold. They would later adorn themselves with the jewelry to show off their wealth. Some of their most notable pieces include huge tapestries created from natural pearls, necklaces made of emerald and red gemstones, gold made tunics and many others.

• The Hope Diamond

The hope diamond, a legendary piece of diamond, is one of the most famous as well as earliest diamond ever discovered. Its fancy mixture of blue and grayish colors also makes it one of the fanciest color diamond to date. King Louis XIV is among the many prominent and distinguished people who once owned the hope diamond. Others include Harry Winston, a famous jeweler, who later donated it to Smithsonian. Upon its jubilee, the hope diamond was reset into another new setting which only lasted a year. Later on, the setting was reversed back to its initial setting that featured a halo of 16 diamonds. Today, if you visit the Smithsonian, you’ll find the hope diamond on display.

• Queen Elizabeth II’s Godman Necklace

Her Majesty the Queen has a wide collection of jewelry that she puts on for events at Buckingham palace, commonwealth occasions, and state functions. The Godman necklace, encrusted with emerald and diamond, is currently one of the most well-known pieces as it is not only elegant but also unbelievably striking. It was gifted to her by Frederick Du Cann daughters who bought it in the 1890s in Bavaria.

• The Faberge Easter Eggs

Peter Carl Faberge, a well-known Russian Jeweler created what many call today Faberge Easter Eggs. Many wealthy socialites collected them during the late 19th Century. Most of the pieces were created for Czar Alexander III’s wife and Czarina Maria Federovna. When Carl delivered to them what seemed like an enamel egg, they were extremely pleased to find out that inside of the egg there was a golden yolk covering a gold hen which had a miniature royal crown and little ruby-eggs. From then on, many of the pieces were delivered to the palace every Easter. Most of them have survived to this day.

So there you have it, folks. Many of the jewelry listed are hundreds of years old, some are shrouded in mystery, others are thought to be the ultimate gift of hope and love while a few others are believed to be cursed. But what perhaps remains constant in all of them is that they are the most popular pieces of jewelry you’ll ever encounter today.




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