Jewelry Worn by Famous Actors

Diamonds are still forever for famous actors. It is the kind of jewelry that every actor wants to wear during special events. But aside from sparking diamonds, there are still other gems that actors wear. Specialized jewelry accessories crafted by famous jewelers are also among actors’ favorites. The list can be very diverse because the jewelers based their designs on the actors’ personalities and the methods and designs of our company. If you want to know more about some famous actors’ jewelry, here are some of them:

Madonna’s jewelry

Madonna’s trademark jewelry is Neil Lane’s diamonds. Neil Lane is a popular celebrity jeweler; Madonna is one of the biggest stars who wear his jewelry collections. Madonna also wears Lane’s platinum bracelets and onyx. It would be remembered that Madonna rocked her way to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame wearing sparking diamonds from Neil Lane.

Anne Hathaway’s jewelry

The lovely actress is often seen wearing pieces of jewelry from Cartier. The famous jewelry brand has always been loved because of its elegance—just fit for an actress such as Hathaway—sophisticated and lovely. No wonder why a lot of women of her age follow the trend.

Angelina Jolie’s jewelry

The famous actress popularized charming and thick jewels. The moment she wore these jewels, everyone would want to wear the same thing, too. They wore the exact colors and designs of Angelina Jolie’s jewels. Fans invested on it and made it as a fashion statement.

Audrey Hepburn’s jewelry

Have you watched the classic film entitled “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”? Hepburn wore a necklace that is made from marquise-shaped rhinestones. Surprisingly, it is not diamonds. It is an ornate pearl necklace. Old it may seem, but it never runs out of style. A lot of women still want to wear it. They even took time and effort to look for this kind of jewelry.

Actors such as Sophia Vergara and Emma Stone also wear jewelry from Neil Lane. Stone is often seen wearing Neil Lane’s gold earrings collection. Famous jewelers like Lane are being hired to style famous actors. This is why the pieces of jewelry that are seen with famous actors are works of art by celebrity jewelers. Then again, quality has its price–so these pieces of jewelry can be really expensive

Pearl jewelry will never run out of style. Famous actors nowadays still wear it. Paris Hilton as well as Ashley Simpson wear fashionable pieces of pearl jewelry. Sarah Jessica Parker also popularized chic over-sized pearl necklaces. White pearls are also the trend for many other famous actresses. Old-fashioned pieces of jewelry are also being combined with modern day jewelry. Film actors are the usual patrons of this kind of jewelry—and a lot of fans also love it.

Perhaps you have seen a lot of actors flaunting various pieces of jewelry at the recently concluded Oscars. Have you seen diamonds hanging around everywhere? Yes, it is indeed a trend that will never die. But for sure, other pieces of jewelry will also become popular in the years to come. We will probably be seeing elegant bangles, layered and stylish necklaces as well as designer’s earrings ruling the magazines and the runway.




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