Most Famous Pieces of Jewelry

Jewelry has so much value attached to it as an item of beauty. And throughout the world today, there are countless pieces of beautiful and expensive jewelry to suit our every need. However, only a few amongst the said jewelry are considered the world’s most famous. This is perhaps due to their rarity, size, beauty, status and a bunch of other factors. So let’s delve a little deeper in order to reveal the top 5 most famous pieces of jewelry of all time.

• Heart of the ocean

Heart of the ocean became one of the most recognizable necklace of all time on account of the Titanic movie which featured it as a prime plot point. The original necklace, which featured cubic zirconias set in pure white gold, was designed exclusively for the film.

Later on, the movie inspired other two renowned productions. One was the 171 karat sapphire set in platinum and valued at $4 million. It was covered with 103 diamonds. The other one was a blue diamond necklace weighing in at 15 karats and valued at $20 million. Celine Dion and Gloria Stuart are few of the lucky people who wore these pieces.

Also, jewelry collectors from every corner of the world have openly declared their love and passion for these particular most famous pieces of jewelry.

• Collections of the Maharajah

India’s Maharaja easily qualify as well-respected, legendary jewelry collectors. Between 1570 and 1857, the maharaja’s, due to their massive appetite for gold, were able to amass huge collections. During the time, India had huge deposits of gold. They would later adorn themselves with the jewelry to show off their wealth. Some of their most notable pieces include huge tapestries created from natural pearls, necklaces made of emerald and red gemstones, gold made tunics and many others.

• The Hope Diamond

The hope diamond, a legendary piece of diamond, is one of the most famous as well as earliest diamond ever discovered. Its fancy mixture of blue and grayish colors also makes it one of the fanciest color diamond to date. King Louis XIV is among the many prominent and distinguished people who once owned the hope diamond. Others include Harry Winston, a famous jeweler, who later donated it to Smithsonian. Upon its jubilee, the hope diamond was reset into another new setting which only lasted a year. Later on, the setting was reversed back to its initial setting that featured a halo of 16 diamonds. Today, if you visit the Smithsonian, you’ll find the hope diamond on display.

• Queen Elizabeth II’s Godman Necklace

Her Majesty the Queen has a wide collection of jewelry that she puts on for events at Buckingham palace, commonwealth occasions, and state functions. The Godman necklace, encrusted with emerald and diamond, is currently one of the most well-known pieces as it is not only elegant but also unbelievably striking. It was gifted to her by Frederick Du Cann daughters who bought it in the 1890s in Bavaria.

• The Faberge Easter Eggs

Peter Carl Faberge, a well-known Russian Jeweler created what many call today Faberge Easter Eggs. Many wealthy socialites collected them during the late 19th Century. Most of the pieces were created for Czar Alexander III’s wife and Czarina Maria Federovna. When Carl delivered to them what seemed like an enamel egg, they were extremely pleased to find out that inside of the egg there was a golden yolk covering a gold hen which had a miniature royal crown and little ruby-eggs. From then on, many of the pieces were delivered to the palace every Easter. Most of them have survived to this day.

So there you have it, folks. Many of the jewelry listed are hundreds of years old, some are shrouded in mystery, others are thought to be the ultimate gift of hope and love while a few others are believed to be cursed. But what perhaps remains constant in all of them is that they are the most popular pieces of jewelry you’ll ever encounter today.




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What Makes Jewelry Valuable

The question of what makes jewelry valuable is one that requires answers that may vary across individuals. But generally, it’s a known fact that the most expensive jewelry will have its price influenced by the cut, clarity, color and weight of the mineral used to make it.

You see, when you walk into a jewelry shop, the first thing you notice is the high price tag attached to the jewelry pieces on display. You have to wonder why the price is set so high than the average consumer can afford. However, there are several factors affecting the price of expensive jewelry.

What Makes Jewelry Valuable in 5 points


One of the things that make diamond so precious is rarity. Rare things tend to come at a high price tag, and thus a genuine diamond ring will fetch a very high price depending with the market condition. Rarity is one of the most fundamental characteristics of expensive mineral or gemstone. For this reason, any jewelry that is made of an expensive mineral will retain that value.


Some jewelry will fetch a high market price simply because they are made of pure gold or silver. Pure gold will never tarnish or lose its luster, and that’s one characteristic that appeals to buyers.

Some jewelry designers will add other metals in gold for purposes of achieving design effect. If they add copper, they create rose gold. Silver and nickel will create white gold. However, since jewelry pieces made of this combination tarnish with time, they will not be priced as high as those made of pure gold or diamond.

Appearance, strength and durability

Appearance is a universal term here, meaning everyone is familiar with jewelry that is attractive to the eye. Yet again, the value of a particular jewelry will vary depending on what a specific market wants.

Most gold sold in the U.S is not pure. They do this to lower karat weight or add design effect. But if you go to countries like Asia and India, you will find gold selling in 22 karat. These markets prefer this type of gold because of its design effect, strength and durability, thanks to the added metals.

The history of the stone that makes the jewelry

The Chinese culture and other stone-age cultures dating back to 3000 years ago put a high price tag on any rock that could be delicately shaped and exquisitely polished. Today, we can say that value in jewelry is something that has been added by different cultures. US and UK cultures still continue to put a high price tag on jewelry made of diamond, gold and other precious metals.

Political factors

Let’s take the example of a diamond ring. It has to go through many hands before reaching you. If you look at where diamond comes from around the world, you realize that people in authority somehow have a way of sharing a piece of the pie. There is the role of the usual corrupt government officials, frequent political unrest and so on. Then there are taxes as well. All these factors have a way of inflating the price of any mineral that makes a jewelry piece. The cost is passed to the consumer who buys the mineral in jewelry form. Therefore, it’s a combination of many factors that shoot the cost of jewelry to the roof.

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The Top Jewelry Designers

Here the fashion industry strives by using the advertisement of clothing and costume jewelry. Everyday women find themselves attempting to establish personal style on a budget. The clothing and costume jewelry combination often offers the chance to save money, express yourself and present a great first impression form the top jewelry designers. Some costume jewelry are created by the world’s top jewelry designers for the everyday starlet.


Most customers purchase clothing and costume jewelry from a favorite local retailer rather than the top jewelry designers. Top jewelry designers offer options of clothing based upon brands or the current collections of designers. Some options may be offered to choose costume jewelry from a wide array of options available from the retailer. Most top jewelry designers offer the option to customize jewelry in their craft department.


Some customers choose to customize an entire ensemble of clothing and costume jewelry by making each item. The craft store options offer the opportunity to customize any look by selecting the fabric or beading required for a specific look. Many craft retailers offer instruction manuals for intermediate or beginning customers to create a custom look based on their style.


Major publications such as magazines or television ads provide a source of inspiration for some shoppers when deciding on the clothing and costume jewelry selection. Major designers supply the style guidelines shown for the jewelry options. Some clothing options may have been customized based on the type of advertisement.


The top jewelry designers are lending their style to new clothing and costume jewelry which surfaces on the fashion runway. Designers seeking to create a style that can be purchased by a wide array of shoppers will offer information on being able to purchase clothing and costume jewelry designed for a specific collection. With this collection they are able to follow any uniform style they choose and incorporate this idea into custom options.


The internet has provided a great outlet for customizing clothing and costume jewelry. The clothing options available online for top jewelry designers may exceed the supply offered in the store. Shoppers are offered the ability to mix and match items of clothing and costume jewelry to fit their specific needs.


Women searching for the perfect clothing and costume jewelry to wear to an event may seek out a local option such as a specialty store. The top jewelry designers will offer different pattern designs for the clothing or can follow the guidelines of the customer for the type of style they would like to have created. The costume jewelry may cost an additional amount, yet the customer has the security of knowing that their ensemble is a one of a kind. These shops operate locally and may offer different price levels for the look the customer is attempting to achieve.


The everyday ensemble that creates the perfect first impression may not be the clothing and costume jewelry that the customer wants. Some customers find it to be easier to have their options customized by top jewelry designers or online. The ability to express themselves proves to be strong enough to create new innovative looks that may inspire the next customer to follow suite and create a style all their own.


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Jewelry Worn by Famous Actors

Diamonds are still forever for famous actors. It is the kind of jewelry that every actor wants to wear during special events. But aside from sparking diamonds, there are still other gems that actors wear. Specialized jewelry accessories crafted by famous jewelers are also among actors’ favorites. The list can be very diverse because the jewelers based their designs on the actors’ personalities and the methods and designs of our company. If you want to know more about some famous actors’ jewelry, here are some of them:

Madonna’s jewelry

Madonna’s trademark jewelry is Neil Lane’s diamonds. Neil Lane is a popular celebrity jeweler; Madonna is one of the biggest stars who wear his jewelry collections. Madonna also wears Lane’s platinum bracelets and onyx. It would be remembered that Madonna rocked her way to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame wearing sparking diamonds from Neil Lane.

Anne Hathaway’s jewelry

The lovely actress is often seen wearing pieces of jewelry from Cartier. The famous jewelry brand has always been loved because of its elegance—just fit for an actress such as Hathaway—sophisticated and lovely. No wonder why a lot of women of her age follow the trend.

Angelina Jolie’s jewelry

The famous actress popularized charming and thick jewels. The moment she wore these jewels, everyone would want to wear the same thing, too. They wore the exact colors and designs of Angelina Jolie’s jewels. Fans invested on it and made it as a fashion statement.

Audrey Hepburn’s jewelry

Have you watched the classic film entitled “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”? Hepburn wore a necklace that is made from marquise-shaped rhinestones. Surprisingly, it is not diamonds. It is an ornate pearl necklace. Old it may seem, but it never runs out of style. A lot of women still want to wear it. They even took time and effort to look for this kind of jewelry.

Actors such as Sophia Vergara and Emma Stone also wear jewelry from Neil Lane. Stone is often seen wearing Neil Lane’s gold earrings collection. Famous jewelers like Lane are being hired to style famous actors. This is why the pieces of jewelry that are seen with famous actors are works of art by celebrity jewelers. Then again, quality has its price–so these pieces of jewelry can be really expensive

Pearl jewelry will never run out of style. Famous actors nowadays still wear it. Paris Hilton as well as Ashley Simpson wear fashionable pieces of pearl jewelry. Sarah Jessica Parker also popularized chic over-sized pearl necklaces. White pearls are also the trend for many other famous actresses. Old-fashioned pieces of jewelry are also being combined with modern day jewelry. Film actors are the usual patrons of this kind of jewelry—and a lot of fans also love it.

Perhaps you have seen a lot of actors flaunting various pieces of jewelry at the recently concluded Oscars. Have you seen diamonds hanging around everywhere? Yes, it is indeed a trend that will never die. But for sure, other pieces of jewelry will also become popular in the years to come. We will probably be seeing elegant bangles, layered and stylish necklaces as well as designer’s earrings ruling the magazines and the runway.




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How to Choose a High End Piece of Jewelry

The feeling you get when wearing exquisite jewelry is second to none for most women and men. After all, a great piece of fine jewelry does not have the same time scale on it as a fashionable piece of clothing or those new trendy pairs of shoes. But choosing the right jewelry can be a very time-consuming process, especially if you’re trying to find a special necklace or ring for that special someone you care about. Buying jewelry doesn’t have to be a difficult process, though; if you focus on some key guidelines when making a choice you will be able to know how to Choose a High End Piece of Jewelry.

Whether you are looking for earrings, bangles, rings, or a gorgeous necklace it is crucial that you choose the right metal. When buying jewelry the first thing to establish is what kind of budget you are dealing with. For instance, platinum is possibly the most expensive type of precious metal you can buy and 9 karat gold will be much more affordable than 18 karat gold if you’re looking to purchase a nice piece of gold jewelry.

Additionally, you will always need to take into consideration the personal taste and skin type of that special person you are buying the jewelry for. Not everyone likes the common yellow gold while for some yellow gold is all they consider when picking out gold jewelry for themselves and others. Always make sure you know what type of metal you’re buying, and if you are not sure about properties of a specific precious metal, ask a jeweler who knows all the details.

The right gold jewelry can make an exceptional finishing touch to perfect an outfit, but make sure you are not going overboard with it. Pure gold is yellow and can sometimes look overpowering if worn in large quantities. Sometimes opt for more delicate yellow gold hoops over something large and flashy. If you are looking for a larger piece of gold jewelry, try to find a white or rose gold which tends to be more subtle in tone and often appeals to people who are not so quick to wear flashier yellow gold items.

Another lesson that is essential to remember during any jewelry buying spree is to check the hallmark of the jewelry you have decided to purchase. Specifically, when you are purchasing gold jewelry, ensure that you check and fully understand the hallmark of the piece in question. The hallmark of jewelry is a quality control mark that is placed on gold, silver and platinum which guarantees that the metal a consumer is about to buy is up to the legal standards.

Moreover the hallmark symbols on jewelry allow you to identify quickly the carat of the jewelry you are about to buy, as well as its purity levels. Once you have approved the standards of the precious metal you have chosen and the style of the piece of jewelry, there is only one thing left for you to do and that makes your purchase.


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